Welwyn to Wales, Mitis Covey

Welwyn to Wales 2021

Sunday 30 May, 2021

The Challenge

In memory of Jeff Archer we are riding from the family home in Hertfordshire to the hotel in Pembrokeshire that he passed away at 10 years ago from a heart attack. This over 300 mile challenge will push all the riders to limit, physically and emotionally.

The ride route will take us via Bristol Children's Hospital to honour to support given to Cody Prior-Smith by the Grand Appeal whilst Cody was in intensive care after birth.

The Causes

British Heart Foundation

The BHF’s vision is a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. We fund research to keep hearts beating and blood flowing.

The Grand Appeal - Cots for Tots

Cots for Tots raises funds for St Michael's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, providing pioneering equipment and facilities, family comforts, accommodation and more.


The Riders

Angus Archer

Angus became a member of the original Mitis Covey five back in the winter of 2018, prior to the original Ride London 100 mile challenge the team completed in 2019.

Angus said ‘This ride was a huge personal achievement for me, having never ridden a road bike before, or in fact any bike for at least the 10 years previous. We were all overwhelmed with the support and generosity our families and friends gave us which allowed us to raise a huge amount for charity. The new Welwyn 2 Wales ride will be very special for me for several different reasons.

Not only will I be doing it with four of my best mates in the Mitis Covey boys, we will be joined by my brother-in-law, my best man and other close friends.


Sam Prior- Smith

The first six months of Cody's life was extremely heartbreaking, with so much uncertainty. We found out before he was born that he had stomach issues and he was referred to Bristol Children's Hosiptal. Living in Cornwall this meant even before Cody's birth, we had regular trips to Bristol hospital where he could get the highest level of care.

Once he was born he went straight into surgery and a long journey of operations and care began. Cots for Tots helped us with support and accommodation whilst Cody was in Bristol. This was such a big help, being so close, allowing us to see him at any given moment.

Once out of hospital Cody recovered on a rocky road and we had many other emergency visits to Bristol, which again Cots for Tots were there for us. Cody is now doing great all thanks to the amazing work of Bristol Children's Hospital and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal. We will forever be in their debt.


Gavin Davies

I am in no way a fitness fanatic, but I am passionate about helping great causes help others. My very first challenge was the Ride 100 which I really enjoyed. I am now excited about this new challenge, it is to honour a great man and to help some amazing charities.

I am also really pleased that my two brothers have joined us for this challenge as we have never done anything like this together. Also my cousin (Dad of Cody) will be joining us, so it will be a family affair.


Owen Davies

After seeing first-hand, the amazing care Cots for Tots gave when caring for my cousin and cycle partner Sam’s son Cody, after he was born with gastroschisis and needed multiple stays under their care, the opportunity to join this challenge and raise money for this cause, along with the

British Heart Foundation was an offer too good to turn down!

Living in Cornwall, the St Michaels hospital in Bristol was the nearest specialist children's unit to be able to care for Cody, so the support given by Cots for Tots was amazing during this difficult time.


Craig Thorpe

Up until February 2019 I had never ridden a road bike before. Little did I know that within five months I would be competing in the Prudential Ride London 100 and helping to raise almost £10k in the process!

I am now extremely proud to be a founding member of Mitis Covey - a not-for-profit organisation with a view to raising much needed funds for charities close to our hearts.


Mark Bridge

A founding member of Mitis Covey but like everything in Mark's life he isn't sure how! Simply put, Mark is just someone that says yes, a lot! By his own admission he is not very good at contributing with the social media and brainy excel sheets but he is very good at providing our kit – normally all the way from China!

Upon joining the ride Mark said, ‘I do love a challenge, having completed the London Marathon and Ride London 100, but I am stupidly competitive which is a strength and a weakness at the same time, as my hospital records will prove. I would do anything for this amazing group of friends to help them push more or just to be there to say “you got this”


Tom Wren

Having seen the fantastic fundraising efforts of the Mitis Covey team over the past few years I was keen to get involved this time round. Having only ridden a road bike for the first time a few weeks ago, completing a 300 mile ride will be a massive personal achievement. Hopefully with a programme of training rides between now and July I’ll be ready for the challenge (Although I’m not looking forward to the mountain climbs in South Wales on Day 4). With two very deserving charities (British Heart Foundation, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal, Cots for Tots) to support I’m hoping we can raise as much money in sponsorship as possible.


Rich Cooksley

One of the founder members and directors of Mitis Covey, Rich can't wait to get stuck into another challenge. Having previously raised money through sporting challenges, this will be his biggest yet and he can't wait to put his bike (he means his body) through more punishment!

Rich said, 'Training has started for this wonderful challenge and I cannot wait to join my teammates in cycling this trip and raising money for two worthwhile causes. Having cycled to Amsterdam previously, I hope my experience will be able to support the team through to the end. I am delighted that as well as the usual Mitis Covey lads, we are being joined by Team Cornwall for this epic journey.’


Chris Martin

Along with Tom, Owen, Barry and Sam, this is Chris’s first time joining the Mitis Covey team!

Chris said, ‘I have been following the Mitis Covey team since their incredible fundraising efforts began in preparation for Ride London. The amount raised is testament to the commitment and passion shared by all to help causes close to them.

I have met the guys a few times and I'm proud to have been invited to help do my bit for two fantastic charities British Heart Foundation Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal Cots for Tots.

I first met Angus and his father Jeff in 2002 and have many great memories of spending time with him, particularly on holiday in Druidstone where the ride will finish.


Barry Davies

10 years ago, Jeff Archer (my father-in-law), a physically fit man full of life and adventure died unexpectedly of a heart attack while on holiday in Wales, leaving a loving wife and fantastic children behind. This ride will complete at the very place (and his favourite holiday destination) The Druidstone, Pembrokshire, where he died.

10 years on and he has already missed such a huge part of Angus and Amy’s happiness and successes, namely the birth of his 3 grandchildren, my lovely children, Lydia, Rex and Ernest. Amy finds it very difficult that her children will never meet her Dad.